Tri-State Ambulance Feedback

In an effort to continually provide the highest level of care and service to our customers and partner agencies, we have devised the following interactive surveys.  We ask that you please take a moment and complete the short survey that applies to your situation.

Customers and Patients

If you have recently been treated and/or transported by Tri-State Ambulance medical personnel, please complete this survey.

Customer Service Survey       

How are we Doing?

Each month we will be posting our previous month's collection of customer service surveys and submitted web forms.  The reason we feel it is important to post these completed surveys is because the vast majority of these surveys are received from individuals who have utilized our medical services.  Thankfully, most of us have not needed ambulance transportation and along with that have not had a chance to experience Tri-State Ambulance first hand.  So, please take a moment to see for yourself how we are performing.

2008 CS Surveys (Set 1) (Set 2)

June 2007 CS Surveys (2MB .pdf)

July 2007 CS Surveys (223kb .pdf)

August 2007 CS Surveys (440kb .pdf)

September 2007 CS Surveys  (Set 1) (Set 2) (Set 3)(440kb .pdf)

October and November 2007 CS Surveys (169kb .pdf)

121407 Thank You Card.pdf

Posted Surveys/121407.pdf

Posted Surveys/21808.pdf

March Thank-You notes (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)





Freedom Honor Flight

In 2008 and 2009, Tri-State State Ambulance provided three fully equipped and seasoned paramedics to accompany three groups of U.S. veterans to Washington, D.C.  In 2010, Tri-State Ambulance paramedics will accompany three additional flights. The Freedom Honor Flight pays tribute to our American heroes by fully funding their trip to visit their war memorials.  Tri-State Ambulance is honored to contribute our skilled paramedics to this important event.  Please visit the Freedom Honor Flight website and join us in supporting this valuable program.

Community AED Loaner Program

Tri-State Ambulance is proud to announce the inception and creation of a valuable program that will aid our community in the treatment and survival of sudden cardiac arrest victims.(read more)